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DUTIES AND DUTIES in Tax Courts, as a special court in the field of administrative jurisdiction, duties are clearly defined by law. The cases in which the tax courts are responsible may be listed as follows (Law no. 2576 m.6): Taxes, duties and charges related to the general budget, special provincial administrations, municipalities and villages and similar financial obligations and their increases and penalties and tariffs related to the tariffs. The lawsuits for the implementation of the Law on the Collection of Public Receivables of 6183, the laws given to the tax court by other laws. In addition, some of the lawsuits filed by us in the field of tax law are mentioned below. The Lawsuits filed against the decisions of the Commission ...

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TAX LAW AND TAX JUDICIAL The government needs financial resources to provide services to its citizens. These resources can be obtained by using public power. Tax is the state's largest source of income. Constitution 73. In the article ödemek Everyone is obliged to pay tax according to the financial power to meet public expenditures. ; Saying that tax is a phenomenon that covers everyone, and everyone is obliged to pay taxes. In the Constitution 73. This is the place where the disputes in the taxes will be seen Tax Courts. There is no consensus on the jurisdiction of the tax jurisdiction. As a part of the administrative jurisdiction for tax jurisdiction is a separate independent jurisdiction type ...

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