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Our aim is to defend all kinds of rights of all people in all legal systems, to give rights in the shortest and most legal way, to take necessary precautions in order not to lose rights and to give guidance to the parties and to provide necessary consultancy services.




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Antalya Lawyer

Antalya Attorney, law enforcement and enforcement. Lawyer Antalya

Mehmet Dursun Law Office - Antalya

Our aim is to defend all kinds of rights of all people in all legal systems, to give rights in the shortest and most legal way, to take necessary precautions in order not to lose rights and to give guidance to the parties and to provide necessary consultancy services.

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Subjects in Our expert lawyers are always with you.

Our expert attorneys contact you as a telephone, close contact to 90 850 303 42

Lawyer Mehmet Dursun - Lawyer Antalya

Lawyer Mehmet Dursun

Mediator-Trademark Attorney-Blockchain Expert
Attorney Kadriye Ersoy - Antalya

Lawyer Kadriye ERSOY

Lawyer Zeki Dursun

Lawyer Zeki Dursun

Financial Consultant Bilal Kilim

M.Cüşavir Bilal Clothed

Financial consultant
Samet EFE

Samet EFE

Know. and Software Consultant
Stopped Alagöz

Stopped Alagöz

Press and Public Relations
Financial Advisor Davut DURSUN

He has meters. Davut Dursun

GM & Investment Consultant
Emel Adıktı

Emel Adıktı

Administrative assistant
Tourism Consultant

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Tourism Consultant
2b land

We are at your service with our lawyer specializing in real estate and forestry law.

We want to solve all your problems with our lawyer who has done academic work on real estate and especially 2B which has a lot of legal disputes in our country.

Bitcoin Lawyer

We protect all your rights in a legal and criminal manner, in terms of Bitcoin, Blockchain and all virtual money, both computationally and legally.

We established the first non-governmental organization, Association of Virtual Currency to protect your rights with expert lawyers and consultants in Turkey.

International law firm

We protect the rights of our citizens in our country, the strangers, the international law.

Turkey in court in front of our eyes and our foreign institutions, while we defend the rights of our citizens and nations in authority from the Court.

Law Firm Turkey

20 years experience on behalf of you on all counties

We are always at your service to protect your rights in all areas with our expert lawyers and our team ...


Our Areas of Expertise Get successful results.

Not everybody can succeed in every field, but if you have more than one expert in their field.

Our attorneys are closely following all current developments.

lawyer antalya

our lawyers informative explanations

Written and visual media over the press and special interviews.

international law firm in turkey
Work on Current Issues from Our Lawyers

Lawyer Mehmet Dursun

In the field of law you can access our current and general information.

You can see our approaches to the conventions according to changing laws and current case law.

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Advocacy Services and Workshops

Our lawyers and our entire team are always at your service to do all the necessary work for you.


Representation in Pause

Our lawyers represent you as representatives for your rights in all courts and institutions.

company consultant lawyer

Company Consulting

All the consultancy services required to protect the rights of your companies all over the world and especially in our country are given by our lawyers.

individual lawyer

Individual Counseling

all necessary advice to protect your personal rights, personal rights, property rights, etc. by our presence, our lawyers and staff on all matters relating provided all over the world especially in Turkey.

corporate consulting

Individual and Corporate General Services

Our lawyers take all necessary precautions in order to protect your legal rights and to suffer the loss of rights in the fields of application, representation, protection, trading, investment related to all national and international municipalities.

Press Releases

Mediator Lawyer

Mediator Attorney Mehmet Dursun

Antalya Newspaper

Interview About The New Mediation System

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Mediator Lawyer

Mediator Attorney Mehmet Dursun

Mediterranean Newspaper

Interview on the Commercial Mediation System

Read the Interview

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